$400+ on the Day. $TAUG & $PHOT Gappers for Me

by akos on March 14, 2014

I bought $TAUG at $.0497 in the morning after a short side way price action it started to uptick and ripped to $.07 where it closed.

Decent volume, solid close I think this thing will gap up and rip in the morning. Looking to sell in first minutes after the open.

Great call by “beachbump” in our chat room.

I also bought $PHOT on a dip before the close. The price action wasn’t exactly as I wanted to, wasn’t a strong close but still it closed green, hoping for a gap up.

Made dumb mistakes on $NEWL, was trying to play the morning bounce but I was off, it dipped even more and I got shaken out.

Still managed to end the day up $400+.



That’s about it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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