$600+ For the Day $ERBB – Watch List for Tomorrow (Thursday)

by akos on April 30, 2014

I bought $ERBB yesterday trying to play the bounce….

Trying to get in 5 minutes after the open but I couldn’t get a fill I got stubborn and chased it so I got filled at .030-ish.

As soon that happened $ERBB started dipping. It went down to .024ish that day but thank God I was in small.

Later started climbing back up and 1 hour before the close I knew it would close pretty strong and almost closed green from a “deep red”. So I knew this was a keeper for a gap up.

I didn’t actually gapped up but pulled to .037 and I got out at .0363. I’m happy with the small gain mainly because I was thinking about cutting my loss on it the day before.

Ended the day with +$600.


Tomorrow on watch:


All bounce plays.



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