$800 Gain on $ILIV – $ILIV , $LATF Gappers?

by akos on February 27, 2014

$ILIV $LATF Gappers for Me

I tweeted before $ILIV ‘s big move.



$ILIV was my No.1 watch today because I had the feeling that this might be the day for a bounce.

This trade was a perfect example how sometimes the set up is not that clear on the chart.

Please click the pic to blow it up to see more clearly!


So, you can see clearly that $ILIV opened weak and put in a double bottom. Now, when I saw that it holds and the volume started coming in I longed this thing. Even though I picked the bottom I couldn’t get a fill at that price , only at $.0082.

After spiking to almost $.011, it pulled back and consolidated. But once again if you look at the intraday chart this thing was all over the map and I almost got shaken out several times.

I knew the power hour was going to bring more highs.

On level 2, I saw some bid stacking and $ILIV also pulled a little ABCD type of move where it slowly started grinding putting in higher lows.

That’s the point where I was confident that we are going to have a good close.

 By the way I posted my watch list for the day before the market opened.



Made +$800 on it, I sold a big chunk into that spike right before the close. I have some for overnight.

I’m also expecting a gap up/decent run on $LATF.

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps!


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