$BMSN Sick Run on Thursday …Even Sicker on Friday $2000+ Gain

by akos on March 10, 2014

I made $1500 on $BMSN on Thursday…….

This sub penny play behaved exactly the same way as my bigger sub winners like $PMCM $LATF…and so forth.

These stocks are former runners that bottom out, trading sideways, building base then start coming out of channel (from base) and the volume starts picking up.

They may not always pan out the same way but the odds are in your favor, especially if you’re willing to cut losses quickly.

After trading $BMSN on Thursday I held 500.000 shares overnight for gap up. I thought that after a run like this, $BMSN gotta not only gap up but also run in the first 5-10 minutes and that’s where (into that morning rush) I wanted to sell.

I got in at $.0034ish and tweeted about it right away.



Then I nailed some profit and tweeted again that it is still a strong buy:


Then I sent a message saying that I will be closing position at the open, which I did but bought back more later on Friday.


….and that’s that.

Decent trade even though my timing was off and I could have made another 1 grand with the same size. Oh well…..better safe then sorry and getting greedy is not a good sign by any means.

The next stock that could pull a similar move is $TDEY which I started loading about a week ago and it may take 1 or 2 weeks to pop.

If you have any questions about this trade please don’t hesitate to ask me here ( by commenting or/and leaving feedback) or simply connecting with me on Twitter 


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