How to Deal with Losing on The Stock Market

by akos on December 12, 2013

Losing is painful – Stock Market Rants

Losing makes you feel somewhat smaller and diminished. It’s like your sense of self is chipped away. 🙂

Losing your hard earned money can be devastating when a stock doesn’t act the way it “supposed to be”.

For me personally there is a slight difference between losing my capital and losing some or all of my profit.

When I lose some of my profit I’m not as mad as if I lost some of my capital. “Easy” come, easy go.

When you losing, you want somebody to pay. You may blame that you didn’t get the right trade alerts, some dumb ass called a stock in the chat room just because (without checking the stock’s background or chart)….etc. 

But the truth is that you MUST take responsibility for your own trades and you just gotta stop pointing fingers.

Stock market is like playing in a casino, except your odds much better especially if you do your own homework and/or get the best real time trade alerts money can buy whether you’re a day trader, swing trader or buying on news. 

Acknowledge that the losing trade you have taken wasn’t a good choice and investigate what went wrong, learn from it and move on. 

As long as you learn something from past mistakes they become more like learning curves in this journey.

It’ not about NOT FALLING, it’s about falling and getting back up.

But isn’t like that with EVERY THING in life?

Just move forward.

Now, moving forward doesn’t mean that you have to trade more aggressively to get back in the game. No. No. No.

This is the time when you may want to take a day or two off and just relax, clear your mind, find your happy place.

If you rush back into trading after a bigger loss, you are probably having a mindset of “getting back even” which usually ends in disaster.

After a bad trade, FORGIVE yourself, LEARN from it and MOVE ON!


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