How to Generate Monthly Income via Affiliate Program $600 Past Month (proof inside)

by akos on December 6, 2013

$600 Commission to an Affiliate Bungle

There are tons of affiliate programs out there that can help you generate cash flow on a monthly basis.

Getting monthly residual checks in the mail is a great feeling. Get something done once and get paid over and over …………………..and over again.

Click the pic the blow it up so you see what’s what!


 Here is how you do it

First of all, you gotta find an affiliate program that you use and truly believe in. The reason for that is pretty simple. If you don’t believe in a service or program it will show on every single marketing material that you put out for the public. And you can’t screw over the public, they will see through you if you’re full of it! Be honest about the service you are promoting.

1. I’m in and promote subscriptions that I USE EVERY DAY and I FIND ENORMOUS VALUE IN THEM! 

2. You gotta have your own self hosted blog. Period.

Why self hosted? Simply because it is yours and it can not be taken away from you as long as you pay for the domain and hosting.

Not like or blogger which can be shut down anytime without your control. You don’t own those sites, you simply use them, you are just a powerless user.

I’m not going to go into how you create your own self hosted wordpress blog, there are plenty of information for free about that, but if you are lazy you may want to outsource this task on Odesk, which is a site I use to outsource design and coding related projects.

After you have done installing your blog you gotta customize it, pimp it up with some useful plugins, (which I”m not gonna go in here either). I suggest making the blog very simple and user friendly (easy navigation).

Simplicity is KEY!

3. Start blogging.  I’m here to tell you if you don’t know how to type, creating content is going to be a pain in the ass. I’m not a fast typist but I can crank out a 300 word article (that’s the minimum you should write since Google’s spider will ignore content that is less than that) in 15 minutes top (with optimizing and filling out SEO Pack plugin). YOU MUST LEARN TO TYPE!

4.  The topic you will write about is what I write about: My experience with trading like how I made $1300 in one day with $OXBT or the lesson you’ve learned or anything really that HELPS READERS! They must relate to your content. If they like what you write about they will engage you, share your content and more importantly will want more and when they want more that’s when you recommend one of the subscriptions on 

5. Promoting There are many ways but I’m gonna address 3 FREE easy ways to promote:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Not gonna cover it here, do your own research on Google; the information is there you just have to dig it up. Let me just say this: there is off site SEO and on site SEO. One has to do with keywords on site and links that bring  posts, categories and pages together other (Off site SEO) is more about link building and social shares.
  • Social shares. Here again there are many, many ways from using Onlywire integrated with TribePro to doing everything manually which is once again a pain in the ass. You may start using Twitter. Sign up, follow all the people who are into day/swing trading. Put out content on Twitter and share other’s stuff as well. Engage people. It won’t be easy especially if you’re new, nobody knows you and nobody cares about you (sorry to be so harsh but that’s the way it is) . But remember, everybody has started out just like you. So have no excuse. Go for it!
  • Building backlinks by commenting. There are some cool trading blogs but the quality varies just like in every niche. Dig ’em up, comment on them and you get to leave a link back to your site in the comment section. Win-win for everybody.


In my opinion blogging is one of the best and the most simple way (I didn’t say easy, remember) to make a residual income. And this “profession” will be around for a long time. It is up to you if you take advantage of it or not.

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