I Can’t Afford to Learn! WTF??

by akos on June 3, 2014

That’s one of the most ignorant statements in the trading world……….ever.

Many times I’m being asked what the minimum trading account should be that one could start trading with, and what resource I recommend.

Here it is:

Start small, 2-5k and use Suretrader. – Even though I think they suck as far as their customer service goes….but the platform is ok.

BUT, you gotta study charts if you want to daytrade.

If you say you can’t afford to have a subscription with trade alerts and training videos then trading is NOT for you.

Daytrading is just like anything else:

Whatever you put in that’s exactly you get out!


Without training, without knowledge and skills you will be burning through you account pretty darn fast.

By learning you are doing favor to yourself. Remember that.

Otherwise you are playing lottery on the stockmarket.

Winning in daytrading means playing the odds.

The more prepared you are, the more skilled you are the better the chances that you will walk away with profits.

If you do not do your homework you are buying not a stock but a lottery ticket and you cross fingers hoping that you will hit it big.

Dream on.

You may get lucky here and there, but it is like a casino; it is set up a way so you will lose in the long run.

Start learning here, this is where I started. 



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