$MINE Case Study – How I Play Dip on Daily Chart

by akos on May 30, 2014

$MINE – Buying Dips

On Tuesday spiked to .0197 then from that  point on it was downward spiral for 2 days.


Please click on pic to blow it up! 



Then it put in a double bottom at .0165 on Thursday so you know that’s where your risk is, if it breaks that level that’s when you get the hell out, You are NOT waiting that .0153 level.

As soon as it bounces off of .0165 you go long. As it starts putting in higher lows you know you’re good. Then consolidates and breaks HOD at .0175.

As you can see that .018 is where the resistance is since that was a support that it broke on Tuesday. So , it breaks .018 and holds it you are again good to go.

Next up is .019 are where major resistance is so I would get either all out or just take half off.

That’s how I’d played $MINE. I missed my entry so I didn’t play it.

As I looked at $MINE it broke support so that shows that not all dip buys will work out.

I hope it helps





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