$NERV Da Short of the Day and The $MOC Play

by akos on January 7, 2015

$NERV ‘s down fall was pretty epic today…

Yesterday closed at $5.81 then it hit $11.89 after hours. Whoa! Right?


One of our heavy hitters in the chat room was all around this one, after market.

He shorted at $11 when he saw that it failed to ram up toward that $11.89. From that point on after market and pre market $NERV started fading with small rips here and there.


Then once again great re-short opportunity at $10 where it failed to hold support.

Small ramp right before the open and from that point on fade.


If you missed this trade after hours and pre-market you could have shorted when it failed to hold $9 at around 10 minutes at the open.

There were plenty of opportunity to take profits along the way.

$NERV ended up giving almost everything back closing at $6.49. OUCH!

I didn’t play it but it could have been pretty brutal day (in the good way)

On the long side……..

$MOC was a decent winner.


After the  open it pulled away. I didn’t wanna chase it but when it pulled back I longed some with $2.90 risk.

After the buy it stated longing and got out when it double topped. That’s $.45 in less then 10 minutes.

Making money on the stock market is not about knowing a ton of stuff. That actually can backfire. The more you know the bigger your ego and the more you believe that you will and can predict what a stock is going to do. And that’s when you do stupid mistakes like I used to do and still do sometimes.

Bottom line….

Making money on the stock market comes down having the discipline to follow rules and stick with them. It’s about being able to admit that you were wrong and you cut your losses no matter what. You have to have a game plan that you follow, NO MATTER WHAT.

Here, you can learn HOW to trade and WHAT to trade! 

Good luck!

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