Solution to Boredom Trading

by akos on May 27, 2014

Blogging is the Bomb!

You probably sick and tired of making all the stupid mistakes that you do when you boredom trade….well this post can save your ass.

That’s right folks, there is a solution……




Writing blog post while the market is slow helped me big time to avoid being in a bad trade.

Being in a “cash position” is NOT a bad thing.

As I usually say “It was NOT a bad day when you didn’t make any profits”.

It actually makes me pretty happy when I only lose like $50 a day compared to when I had really big losses like $1-$2k daily.

Put up some banner adds and let the commissions flow in like I do here


Blogging steers your attention from trying to trade to letting trades come to you. 


What to write about?


  • I follow a bunch of heavy hitters on Twitter so anytime they post something thought provoking I add my two cents to it and make it into a blog post so hopefully readers can take away something of value.


  • I write about what happened on the market the day before, or what’s happening right now. The trades that I nailed and trades that I screwed up, big time. I’m showing losses and profits


  • Write about something that is not directly related to trading. That’s cool too, readers will like to read some of your shit off topic here and there.


About the length…….

Some say that your post should be at least 300 words since that’s the least amount of words that Google will pick up and index as a new content.

Not sure if that’s true or not but anytime I write I try to create a post I’m aiming for that length.


I usually do this around noon when the market is dead so I’m not trying force a trade when there is no set up. 

Please share it on Twitter (that’s the place I’m getting like 70% of my traffic) and leave a comment down below!

Keep on trading….


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