Suretrader’s Customer Service – What Customer Service?

by akos on April 29, 2014

I have been so frustrated because of Suretrader’s customer service…………………aghhhhhhhhh

I’m trying to re-add to my account and Suretrader keeps denying.

They can’t really tell me what the problem is, all they say: “Just try again!”

I’ve chatted with 2 different representative and all they can say :”We’ll look into it!”

Well……that takes them about 2 days, they don’t find anything.

I want to trade through you guys, I wanna spend my money “in your house”! Will you let me do it?


I don’t know about you but for me to run a successful business on or off line you gotta have 2 things in place: 1. product/service and 2. customer ┬áservice.

Customer service ensures that existing customers are happy (I”m not freakin’ happy) and helping new leads become customers.

Sorry guys but you’ve FAILED!

Suretrader, you SUCK!

I don’t know what kind of sweatshop you guys running down there but the management better get shit together because I don’t hear anything but complaints about their service.

I know, I know you see the banner in the sidebar. That’s gonna be taken off very soon if they don’t get shit done or else I’m gonna bring them down at every step.

I asked the about their affiliate program in the chat, they sent me to a “big wig” who hasn’t responded me after writing him 3 times with one simple question.




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