$TDEY Swing

by akos on March 13, 2014

I don’t know abut the company and I don’t care about it. If we get news that’s great but just know that I trade exclusively the chart.

I bought $TDEY waaaaaaay to early a couple of days ago and since then I averaged down………………twice. I almost never do that. Not sure what’s wrong with me.

However I think today was the first day where I see the potential.

This “turd” – as the Twitter community calls this stock as of now- went from $.0014 to $.0022 that’s a 55% or so gain so for the stock to double in a couple of days is for sure not out of the question.

I believe this thing will rip in the next few days, looking to sell it into the $.0035ish zone.

Having said that if I see a big sudden spike into the the low $.002’s I will sell most and buy back when dips.


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