The World is As YOU ARE

by akos on July 15, 2014

Not much going on at OTC land so I have some time to kill…why not put out another “spiritual” post.

I don’t really like the word spiritual.  I don’t know about you but for me, I can’t help buy associate weird looking people with it in home made turtle necks. 🙂


The World is As YOU ARE!

Throughout our whole life we are searching for something that is within us all along.

Everybody wants peace. There is nobody on Earth who doesn’t want peace.

Even though some peeps out there to hurt others and keep looking for conflicts, deep inside they are all beggars.

All we want is to be at peace. Unfortunately, we are searching for the peace outside ourselves not knowing that what we have been looking for was/is within us all along.

We want a better car, better relationship, bigger house, more accomplishment, better body and when we have all those things…..WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE.

That’s just shows how “things” can’t give us happiness other for  fleeting moments.

Make peace whatever the now brings and accept the unacceptable.

That’s the only way you can bring positive change into this world.





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