Trade Alerts for the Dummies!

by akos on October 7, 2013

Daily Trade Alerts for Traders with no Skills

Even though it is crucial to constantly grow and learn about day trading, the too much knowledge could be the problem making money on the stock market.

You see when you know too much you want to tell the market how to act, what to do. And that’s because of your ego.

Many times when my stocks I was in started tanking I didn’t take losses quickly because I thought (I KNEW ) that the stock MUST go up and not down. I tried to make the stock goes up just by praying instead of looking at the darn numbers and chart. I didn’t follow my rules and when that happens chances are you will be losing money.

When you decide to sign up with this guy’s daily trade alerts you will see that the system he uses is pretty basic. Nothing fancy or mystic there to understand.

Very simple rules are outlined and if you have just a little common sense with some intelligence you can make it work for you.

And in this case the less you know the better, actually.

When you come in here and you don’t know anything about trading, you accept what is taught to you without resistance.

You’re like a sponge.

Simple techniques, basic rules BUT the problem is NOT with not being able to understand the principles but having the will power to apply and follow those rules.

The better you’re with following instructions, the sooner you’re going to pick up the past thus the sooner you will be making money. His system made me $640 in a day; read about it here!

As I said knowledge is important but executing basic things like selling when you’re up or cutting your losses quickly. Of course you need to be able to understand charts and how level 2 works ; which by the way you learn how to do here. )

But nothing complex is presented here at this guy’s daily trade alerts. Check it out while you can! 


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