$USTC Looking to Add on Dip

by akos on May 28, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen………

$USTC was .oo4 just a couple of weeks ago on an insane volume now it’s trading at .0007.

Said thing is I could have made 2k on a small position if I wasn’t sooooooooo stubborn and greedy……….I wanted more.

It’s ridiculous but I instead of taking a serious gain I ended up with an unrealized loss.

Now, I want to average down even more since I believe it found decent support at .0006.

My original plan was buying 4 million shares at .0005 but I will probably buy 3 mill at .0006 if I ever get executed.

Seriously, when you wish a stock drop and get it for a better price with a stinky bid, what does the stock do?

It freakin’ holds….LOL

Anyway, I don’t think there is gonna be any more dips, the volume is drying up, no sellers and these two manipulators are gone for now (VNDM and VFIN)

So I think we will be seeing $USTC to rip to .002 soon or above.

As I said in my earlier post it needs to consolidate for days if not weeks.

The only little problem I have that the recent news on $USTC haven’t moved the stock much; I think it was an uptick and that was it, which is quite a let down..

Remember this is not a buy recommendation.

I trade charts and I use my own strategy, taking responsibility for all my trades….and that’s exactly what I’d recommend you to do. I know that $USTC is real estate company that is being involved with many side project. However I don’t care about what they do or what they stand for. The only thing I care about do they have a chart? A chart that looks good?

Right now the chart looks like a beaten one but when it comes out of this solid base that’s when things gonna get interesting.

Wrote the post on my own, I’m not compensated in any shape or form.





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