Why Daytrade Subs?

by akos on July 28, 2014

The main reason I daytrade is because I love the freedom that comes with it.

Besides where else can you make a grand in one day on a 3k investment?

Yep, it can happen even if you are new. But of course the more experience you have the better you’re off.



That what you see it’s a crappy sub penny stock that had a little uptick the other day.

Subs are very, very dangerous. The cheaper the stock is the more volatile it could get. A stock can go from .001 to .0005 matter of minutes and that’s a 50% drop. You can easily lose your shirt on 2 trades.

Second problem with subs if there is no volume the execution can be horrible.

That’s why you should never long a sub without decent volume. (10-100 times of daily)

If you are serious about trading subs, please take my advice and get your feet wet trading pennystocks with this guy. This is where I started trading and learning. 

You can’t go wrong with this dude.

But of course because subs are so volatile there is a HUGE upside potential...See where I made $2700 in one day on a 5k investment. 

Of course you can also daytrade Nasdaq stocks (I recommend trading stocks around $2 to $7, especially if your capital is under 100k)

There is nothing like making 3k a day, folks.

Imagine when you don’t have to ever again commute to work, take orders from anybody, don’t have to please nobody, because you don’t have to .

You can choose not to, you know.

If you are willing to learn, study and put in some hours AND cut losses quickly you can make magic happen.

It all starts with a decision.

Take control over your life and start making money from home as a daytrader! 

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